Young Living’s Seed to Seal and Unique Distillation Process

Seed to Seal

As you’ve probably heard, not all essential oils are produced in the same manner, therefore the “pureness” of the oil is just not the same.  Young Living prides themselves in delivering 100% pure, therapeutic-grade oils with their one-of-a-kind distillation process.

A low-pressure and low-temperature steam distillation process helps to preserve the beneficial properties of the oils. This process is far superior to the inexpensive, high-pressure, high-temperature practice commonly used to distill essential oils in other companies.

It’s also important to take each plant species into consideration when distilling (the way the plant is placed in the chamber, how it is compressed, the amount of steam applied, and for how long, etc) in order to maximize the efficacy of the distillation process, itself.  All of these factors come in to play and are learned from years of on-the-job experience!  And, determining the best method for extracting each  essential oil, to insure the most benefit matters, too!

Young Living has their own farms, however they source a variety of other oils from reputable essential oil suppliers in locations indigenous to the plant species.  These sourced essential oils go through a multi-level testing/analysis process before they are considered top quality.

Most people do not realize that it takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make just one bottle (15 ml) of lavender essential oil, or that it takes about 5,000 rose petals to make just one bottle (5 ml) of rose essential oil! That’s amazing when you really think about it.  It definitely helps us to understand why these oils are so concentrated!

The director of one of the largest independent labs for chemical analyses of essential oils, James Kababick, collected samples from Young Living’s Utah distillery and concluded the following:

 “Young Living has united modern steel technology with Old World gentle distilling techniques to create fill- bodied essential oils that are far different from what we normally see.”

Young Living oils are not diluted with any synthetic or chemical additives. They are carefully prepared to maintain the plant’s integrity. Their commitment to making the purest of oils helps Young Living to be the premium essential oil line.

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