Why “Young Living” Essential Oils?

When I started looking into essential oils, I knew very little about them. In fact...I have to admit, I thought that "smelling nice to improve your mood" was their main/only purpose. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disease and started looking into all natural remedies to help ease my symptoms (rather than depend on over the counter medicine or prescription drugs), that I started learning about their endless benefits. I was pleasantly surprised at how something so completely natural, and derived right from the Earth, could offer us so much - far beyond my comprehension, even, but then it dawned on me. This is what God/nature intended! We were MEANT to be equipped with everything we need!

With this research, I soon discovered that there were two "very popular" essential oil companies out there on the market. DoTerra and Young Living. At first, I thought, "Well, DoTerra's prices are a bit cheaper, so I'll go with them." However, the more research I did, the more I learned about these companies. I learned that DoTerra began when a few employees left Young Living to start their own essential oil business - realizing it was becoming more mainstream and they could make their "own" profits, I guess. Not that there is anything wrong with that concept (and I certainly don't care to know all the details), but the more I researched, the more I realized that Young Living was the "real deal." It ended up being the absolute TRANSPARENCY of Young Living (anyone can come visit their farms to watch their "Seed to Seal" production) and their history (over 20+ years of experience) - they really are the pioneers of this bringing 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to our country - as well as all they do for the world charitably (read about it here on the Young Living Foundation page) that won me over. 

I also learned that DoTerra has what's called a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and complete distillation process (meaning that some oils go through many distillations before hitting the bottle). With 1st distillation being the purest, this concerns me that I may not be getting top (premium) quality  for my money. Click  here to learn more about YL's Seed to Seal and state-of-the-art testing equipment, as well as learn about their unique distillation process. DoTerra's oils also have expiration dates and Young Living oils do not. With the exception of citrus essential oils, any pure essential oils should not expire, if they are stored properly away from heat and sunlight.  I also learned that in November of 2013, DoTerra changed the wording on their website from "guaranteed to be 100% pure, natural" to just " guaranteed to be natural." Now don't get me wrong: this is not a "slam DoTerra" attempt. I'm simply letting you know why I, myself, didn't go with this company. This chart, also, compares what each company offers, which also helped me make my decision (please note: this was the most recent chart I could find, so for an updated list, visit both companies' websites): Even though I had made my decision, I didn't know a YL distributor, so I searched all over facebook and finally found someone who was not too far from my home. She was so nice and helpful from the very beginning (she actually provided me with the chart above when I had shared with her that I had originally been going back and forth between YL and DT), and she answered every question I had (thanks, Katrina!). Once I started learning about the multitude of uses and how these oils can help people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually...not to mention, help to replace just about every product in my house (that I now consider unsafe), I simply wanted to get my hands on all of them!  

After visiting the YL website and seeing what else they have to offer (especially in the supplement area), I felt like I had hit the "healthy living" jackpot! Realizing that essential oils will end up saving me money in the long run (especially when you consider the money saved on medical bills, alone), my only concern was what I needed to put out, initially - which is $160.00 for the Premium Starter Kit. But, in looking at what's included in the kit, it's a huge savings! I'm very frugal, so you KNOW I did the math...and once I added everything up, and it came to well over $300.00, I stopped!

I still had a lot of questions about the company/business aspect of YL (as, honestly, this part did NOT interest me at first), but Katrina explained how it all works.  Young Living is a "flexible" multi-level marketing company, which means, sure, you can absolutely JUST become a "wholesale member" and enjoy the 24% discount (as long as you spend $50 a year)...or you can absolutely make money from referring people...and I've now learned that there are many people who do very well, financially, in this company!  Although you are never expected or required to sell these oils, if you share these oils with friends and family and any one of them decides to purchase and enjoy them, too, under your member #, you will make a commission...period! The tedious "business"part is done for you...as in you don't have to complete customer order forms, you don't have to stock items, you don't have to ship items (or worse - drive all around dropping items off to customers! You just receive a paycheck for a percentage of what anyone "under" you purchases! How much more simple can it be?  

Click here to learn about the compensation plan that Young Living offers. Katrina also explained the Essential Rewards program. I, at first, skipped that opportunity altogethter upon signing up to be a wholesale member, but once I realized that it is set up so that you earn PV points (for future purchases), score freebies each month, and many other advantages, I caved...lol, and haven't regretted it once! Click here to learn about Essential Rewards.

In a nutshell, though, (because I'm all about the bottom line being provided up front), in order to remain an active wholesale member with YL, you have to have 50 in PV per year...meaning your personal volume (it makes more sense to call it your "purchase value" - or what you spend per year). Ummm...definitely not a problem for me and any of the other 40 million YL members/distributors, and I think you'll agree, once you see all they have to offer and experience the benefits, yourself!  

If you become an Essential Rewards member, it's 50 PV per month. Again, this intimidated me at first. I don't like to be locked in to anything, financially, but then I learned you can opt out of Essential Rewards at any time, for any reason...no penalty/fee...no explanation.  Again, I soon found out, this $50 a month is not difficult to attain, at all! ESPECIALLY when you consider all the products/medicine/supplements these oils are replacing in your life! And of course, the more you spend, the more points you earn for spending (kind of like Kohl's Cash, but without the BUYER'S REMORSE), so the more free stuff you get!  It's really an amazing program! Getting money back (as credit), plus free products? Not sure I can argue that one! Oh...an if you do decide to start sharing these oils with your friends and family (and decide to do the business side of YL), you will end up getting paid, so your oils - and any other products you begin to use - can potentially be free!

Here's the info that my sponsor sent to me - which explains how Essential Rewards is aka free money:

1-3 months = 10% rewards points back
4-24 months = 20%
25+ months = 25%
Seriously. Only 3 months at the lowest percentage, and then after that you jump up to what used to be the highest percentage with the old ER program!! Wow. Then, if you’ve been continuously doing ER for over 2 years, you get bumped up to 25%! These points can be used to try new oils, or will make sure you never go without your staple oils, or allow you try any free PV product that Young Living has to offer! 

Here’s something new that Young Living is doing to show their appreciation to everyone for being part of Essential Rewards: they’re giving us gifts! At different milestones, Young Living will send you a gift just for being continuously enrolled in Essential Rewards.
Here’s how the ER Gifts timetable works:

1. At 3, 6, and 9 months, Young Living will send you a gift.

2. At 12 months, Young Living will send you a SPECIAL gift…you’ll get a Loyalty oil blend that’s only available through this program to people loyal to Essential Rewards!

So, after learning about the MLM aspect of YL, as well as their Essential Rewards program, I was sold. I signed up (after two weeks of bugging Katrina with a million questions...lol) and couldn't wait for my kit to arrive.  When I received my starter kit and compared Young Living oils to the others I had purchased, I was in SHOCK at the difference in quality - and in the smell alone!  I have been using them ever since (have not gone a day without using my new diffuser) and am constantly researching more ways to use more oils!  There are a zillion resources online. Youtube aline had a dozen of videos on how to unpack and use my Premium Starter Kit...and that was just on the first link!

Downloading the "Reference Guide for Essential Oils," though, was probably the smartest thing I've done since becoming a Young Living member. It's an amazing resource. Learn more about it on this page.  I am completely convinced that I made the right decision in going with YL.  There is no comparison company out there...and there is no regret! I am one happy and satisfied customer (and now distributor)!!! So, that's why I decided to put it all down here on a website. Definitely makes sharing these oils - and their many benefits - much easier! 😉


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