What Do You “Really” Know About Essential Oils?

A Little History on Essential Oils

Just for the record, essential oils aren’t a new idea/concept. I know that might be hard to believe – when their resurgence in society has made them seem like the latest trend!  No, they’re actually pretty ancient! In fact, they’re VERY ancient! There is a great deal of historical evidence on record that shows essential oils were being used thousands of years ago (by humans) to treat just about every condition/ailment known to mankind…and we all know that the three wise men brought two of these precious essential oils – frankincense and mryhh – along with some gold to baby Jesus!  

Unfortunately, essential oils sort of took a backseat when modern medicine (and the big pharmaceutical industry) originated and evolved over the last century or so.  Needless to say, it became the norm to treat people with synthetic chemicals and man-made medicine/antibiotics. However, the wide-spread risks and side-effects of these drugs have led to major problems…and people depending on pain medicine, at the onset of any pain felt, has surely led to a new epidemic in our country; see this post here. Fortunately, many researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals, and everyday people like you and me, are searching for more natural and alternative forms of medicine – including essential oils – and are rediscovering what makes these oils so essential!  One of the downfalls related to this rediscovered knowledge, is that it may not be a welcomed concept among certain medical/pharmaceutical entities. If all of this information about the natural medicinal properties of plants (and their oils) continues to spread and eventually become common knowledge, the money spent on prescription drugs would decrease drastically, and there would be a lot of unhappy pharmaceutical companies out there! An article, written by Robert Tisserand, states:

Although the number of published papers on anti-infective properties of medicinal plants is increasing during the last years, most of these papers seem to somehow disappear and do not attract physicians and pharmacologists. On the other side, there is often lack of finance to continue research to the clinical trial level. This area is largely dominated by pharmaceutical companies, who can afford costly clinical trials. It also seems that natural and complementary therapies are pushed aside by pharmaceutical companies.

What Are Essential Oils and Where Do They Come From?

Essential oils are derived directly from nature. The oil or resin (or what is called the essence or life-force of the plant) is extracted from specific plants, roots, shrubs/bushes, trees, and even grasses. Depending on which species it is, it could be their leaves, fruits, flowers, bark and/or roots that contain this oil.  These oils are “essential” to the plant because they provide  nutrients and protect it from stress, infection, and disease. Without them, the plant could not live!

Super concentrated in their purest form, essential oils are also super potent (way more so than the plant, itself)! There are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil (that’s approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body)! Now you know why one little drop can go such a long way! One of the wonderful women (in my Young Living up-line) Wendy, puts it perfectly when she states:

“Because essential oils are pulled from living organisms, they contain several compounds that are also found in the human body.  The fun way I like to summarize this is, when you use an essential oil, the body “recognizes” the compounds as the same, and they are absorbed easily and effortlessly.  Life helps life.  Each compound has a specific function…those functions have an effect on every cell of the body. Instead of thinking that essential oils are going to heal your body – try to understand that oils get our cells functioning as they were designed to, and then the body is able to heal itself. We were made for perfect. Even a brief and cursory understanding will help you understand why Young Living Essential Oils are so effective on every system and every cell in the body.”

To sum it up, essential oils (and all of their powerful, chemical constituents) are not “foreign” to our bodies. They know (and our bodies know) exactly where the imbalance is, and they serve to help us stabilize or “correct” that imbalance. In short, they can aide us in healing every aspect of our being…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

Yupp! Essential oils are pretty powerful substances…all contained within those little amber colored bottles…which help us to achieve a healthy state of well-being (homeostasis). They are everywhere you look these days! It seems someone is either talking about them or sharing about their benefits at work or on social media, but unlike a typical “trend,” they’re NOT going anywhere; they’re definitely here to stay! Now that people are becoming educated on their unsurpassed and endless benefits, they are beginning to change the way that even some medical professional treat their patients. If I told you that the prescriptions your doctor writes out to you might be able to be permanently replaced with an essential oil or essential oil blend, would you believe me? And more importantly, that you wouldn’t have the said side-effects of these drugs? If you could take the time to do the research (like I have), you would see that is IS POSSIBLE, and I am living proof of that!

But they’re so much more than beneficial to us – just from a medical standpoint! From helping to maintain our overall health, to first-aid/remedies (cuts, scrapes, and burns) to the management of pain, to natural antibiotics and antihistamines, to pet care, to promote relaxation and sleep, to pest control, to treating depression/emotional support, to supporting the overall immune system, to making all-natural personal care and cleaning products (and these are just SOME of the ways essential oils can help change your life for the better), essential oils can be used to basically TRANSFORM your life and put you on the same healthy path I am now on! But don’t take my word for it, do the research, yourself; it’s out there. And…you can always start by checking out some of the blogs I’ve written below.

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