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So here’s my story about how I got started with using essential oils: In the fall of 2016, and after two wrist surgeries, I had injured a nerve at physical therapy and had – weeks later – been diagnosed with CRPS (which is a permanent malfunctioning of the nervous system).  After researching this rare and chronic pain disease, it not only scared me, but it made me feel completely helpless…as if I were just going to have to succumb to all the pain, limitations, and devastating effects of this diagnoses – for the rest of my life.

After crying and feeling sorry for myself, I started researching success stories (for CRPS) and was amazed to find that, over and over again, people were not only relieving their symptoms, but were actually helping themselves heal with the use of specific essential oils. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn about them! But not having had any real prior experience with them and not knowing anyone, personally, who used them on a regular basis, I was pretty much on my own. After spending quite some time researching essential oils, I learned so much that I felt like I had hit the holistic health and wellness lottery – literally speaking!

What most people don’t realize is that these essential oils are derived directly from nature. They are extracted from plants, flowers, shrubs, roots, trees bark, etc. and each oil has a special affinity for (or attraction to) aiding in the many processes that take place in our bodies.  You see, we have 11 major body systems which are all geared to carry out specific functions in our bodies in order to live and be healthy. They are the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, endocrine, immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle, and reproductive systems. When essential oils enter your body – either through inhalation, through absorption in your skin, or through direct ingestion, they know where there is an imbalance and get to work immediately. That’s a pretty cool connection, if you ask me! The oils, themselves, do not heal you. Rather, they help your body achieve homeostasis (a state of equilibrium/well-being), so that your body can do what it was designed to do – heal itself, and function at its optimum level. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand that!

Plain and simple: essential oils are nature’s readily available source of health and medicine! Most medicine is designed to replicate the properties of plants and (without getting into my dislike of pharmaceuticals), ever since I found these oils, I have not had to use man-made (synthetically/chemically-based) medicine to “cover up” ANY symptoms I may have experienced. I didn’t even take a single pain pill after cervical spine surgery a few months back (there are essential oils designed to help relieve pain). Heck…I won’t even take a Tylenol! Not when I know essential oils can relieve the symptoms, PLUS help correct the actual ailment, itself…and without all the harmful toxins and side-effects of drugs!  If I’m ever feeling something is off with my body, I just click on the little app I downloaded on my phone, and sure enough, “there’s an oil – or many – for that,” as well a description of the recommended application!  Like so many others who have discovered these gems, I have realized that I can replace my entire medicine cabinet with essential oils! From heartburn to psoriasis to pain reliever to even helping with ADD/ADHD, they offer an endless array of all natural healing and health benefits!

Another life-changing aspect of using these oils is that I was able to get rid of all of the store bought household/personal care products that contain unhealthy ingredients (you know, the ones we all use on a regular basis that we think are safe but really aren’t). You can do the research yourself…it’s out there! Many of the ingredients found in our everyday products make us (and our families and pets) sick; they have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive/fertility disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity and so many more ailments. which we simply chalk up genetics or “catching this virus” or “that bug.” Many of these same ingredients are actually banned in other countries, but not here in the US where money-making seems to matter most! Don’t get me started on that topic!

Anyway, just know that when I began looking up all-natural DIY recipes for just about everything, to my amazement, they all included the use of essential oils! I now have compiled a ton of recipes…everything from household cleaners, to shampoo to bug and tick repellant to anti-aging/wrinkle serum and even cellulite cream!  There are even oils that clean/sanitize better than bleach, and they’re all safe!  My new motto is: If I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on or near my body. And since I began using essential oils, I’ve never felt better! I’ve lost weight, am more clear-minded and focused, and I have more energy than ever!  Sounds like an exaggeration, I’m sure, but it’s true! I sometimes have to pinch myself.

I think, though, that the most important thing I learned through all my research was that NOT all essential oils are created equally. In fact, it all comes down to where and how the plants are grown/oils are distilled. You can’t just buy an essential oil from a health food store or from Amazon and think that you’re getting a pure or therapeutic (proven to have true health benefits) oil…even if the label says it’s pure and therapeutic! There’s no specific regulation on that yet.

When I was researching, I read through many websites, articles, medical journals, and even blogs and opinions before I finally and whole-heartedly made the decision to go with Young Living Essential Oils. There was no question in my mind that this company produced the best quality oils on Earth! They are basically the pioneers of essential oil distillation and distribution in our country. However, deciding to purchase from them was not an easy decision because I am about as frugal as they come and YL oils aren’t exactly cheap. After finding someone who sold YL oils (yes, I had to actually track someone down on the internet), she helped me realize that you can’t really put a price on your health, and that you absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to quality! In the end, you save money when you get rid of toxins and start living more “clean.”  Your overall health improves!

Needless to say, as I learned more about Young Living and how transparent their distillation process is (anyone can go visit their farms to observe their “seed to seal” process), I can say I would NEVER use another essential oil brand…period. I had considered DoTerra – which is an essential oil company formed by a few individuals who worked for Young Living for many years but saw a money making opportunity and left Young Living (taking what they had learned from the owner, Gary Young) to start their own company, however, there’s just no comparison between the two. I’m sorry, but when it comes to my health, I refuse to settle for second best!  Yes, their oils are bit cheaper, but their distillation process and their list of oils and oil-infused products cannot come close to Young Living’s.

I could go on and on sharing all the ways they have changed my life…but to put it simply, Young Living Essential Oils have saved my life! I have such a new outlook on everything! I became a YL member/distributor to receive the 24% wholesale discount, however, I’m not much of a business woman! If you’re interested in that sort of thing, you can certainly turn it into a business! I am in AWE at how much support this company offers to its distributors/customers, but my main mission is to share what I’ve learned so that more people can start feeling as good as I feel and begin to live as healthy a life as possible. If I can make a little money doing so, then that’s great. To me, Young Living is one of the world’s best kept secrets, and I aim to spOIL this secret for anyone who wants a shot at the best health possible!
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