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Blog 1 – So How Do These Oils Really Help Us?

Okay…so you’re intrigued and you really want to know how these oils “actually help” our bodies. Or, maybe you’re just curious as to why there’s so much hype about essential oils, lately, and you figured you’d find an answer here. ¬†Maybe you’re just being nice and honoring my diligent request(s) to check out my new website/blog to see why I’ve been so excited about these essential oils! ūüôā ¬†Either way, I’m glad you’re here…and if anything, I hope you take away some valuable information!

So…essential oils!!! I don’t know about you, but I had VERY limited knowledge about their true origin and what they were really capable of – besides smelling nice and maybe relaxing people. For me, they just hadn’t ever been introduced into my life in any sort of way that I considered them to be a “healing ally.” It was almost an epiphany for me when I really dug in and began to learn all that I did, because it was then that I realized JUST HOW MUCH I’d been missing out on – when it comes to the endless¬†benefits these oils could provide! ¬†Before I provide you with a list of some specific “hows,” and just in case you didn’t read this section on my homepage about what they are and where they really come from, I’ve copied and pasted a brief portion of it here for you (feel free to skip it if you’ve already read it there):¬†

Essential oils are derived directly from nature. The oil or resin (or what is called the essence or life-force of the plant) is extracted from specific plants, bushes, trees, and even grasses. Depending on which species, it could be their leaves, fruits, flowers, bark, and/or roots that are used. These oils are “essential” to the plant because they provide nutrients and protect it from stress, infection, and disease. Without them, the plant could not live!

Super concentrated in their purest form, essential oils are also super potent (way more so than the plant, itself)! They contain 40 million-trillion molecules…and no, that’s NOT an exaggeration! Now you know why one little drop can go such a long way! Essential oils have an affinity toward our bodies, and seem to instinctively understand where we “need help.” One of the wonderful women (in my Young Living up-line) Wendy, puts it perfectly when she states:

“Because essential oils are pulled from living organisms, they contain several compounds that are also found in the human body. ¬†The fun way I like to summarize this is, when you use an essential oil, the body ‚Äúrecognizes‚ÄĚ the compounds as the same, and they are absorbed easily and effortlessly. ¬†Life helps life. ¬†Each compound has a specific function…those functions have an effect on every cell of the body. Instead of thinking that essential oils are going to heal your body – try to understand that oils get our cells functioning as they were designed to, and then the body is able to heal itself. We were made for perfect. Even a brief and cursory understanding will help you understand why Young Living Essential Oils are so effective on every system and every cell in the body.”

To sum it up, essential oils (and all of their powerful, chemical constituents) are not “foreign” to our bodies. They know (and our bodies know) exactly where the imbalance is, and they serve to stabilize or “correct” that imbalance. In short, they can aide us in healing every aspect of our being…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

Now that you have a better understanding of essential oils, I wanted to provide some specific information provided by Daniel Penoel, MD, from his book Natural Home Healthcare Using Essential Oils. ¬†In his book, he describes an¬†Aromatic Triad of matter, energy, and information that is embedded within essential oils. In the book, he refers to eight separate realms of our bodies, in which essential oils’ healing properties can influence and, therefore, provide positive effects for all of our systems.

These eight realms are broken down and can be briefly explained in the following descriptions:

  • Congenital Realm: The issues of¬†heredity or complications that may occur during pregnancy. ¬† ¬† ¬†Essential oils or “Aromatic treatment,” as Dr. Penoel calls it, helps to¬†alleviate the consequences of damaged DNA replication¬†or any events that occurred during conception/fetus development.
  • The Organic Realm: The organic systems of the body including the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, cardiovascular system, digestive system, etc. Aromatic molecules (from essential oils) provide properties that promote improved functioning of these organs.
  • The Bioelectronic Realm: The biochemical and the electromagnetic systems of the body. Essential oils have the¬†capacity to balance the pH, increase the electrical resistance, and reduce the oxidation within body fluids.¬†Added to this biochemical action is their electromagnetic action, which can create an inhospitable environment for pathogens.¬†
  • The Microbial Realm:¬†The flora and fauna co-existing within our bodies – including pathogens, as well as the friendly allies. Within the digestive tract alone, we harbor more bacteria than there are cells in our body. Certain essential oils have the ability to eliminate the unwanted inhabitants while preserving those that are helpful.¬†
  • The Immunity Realm:¬†The immune functions of the body. Effects of essential oils treatment are known to stimulate, regulate, or modulate immune system response.¬†
  • The Structural Realm¬†: The bone, joint, and muscle systems of the body – especially the spine. Aromatherapy can play a support role to corrective, energy, or structure techniques that is extremely valuable.¬†
  • The Glandular Realm – The system of glands in the body which produce a vast and interrelated group of hormones to regulate most body functions and many psychological mechanisms. Like essential oil molecules, these hormones are highly complex and have a tremendous influence on the growth, healing, health, and regulation of body systems. Either by direct action or by more subtle biochemical processes (molecules which are precursors to hormone structures), essential oils can be used here also to stimulate, moderate, or regulate glandular performance.¬†
  • The Neuro-Psychic Realm – The functions which are directly related to – and controlled by the brain – or ‚Äúhuman central computer.‚ÄĚ This includes pain response, controlling the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, production of endorphins, the functions of the subconscious and the memory, and the libido, among others. The effects of essential oils can stimulate, moderate, or regulate these functions with this realm providing one of the highest response levels to aromatic molecules.

Wow! Just wow! Sometimes I just have no words to respond to the actual “depth” of what all this information means to our overall well being. It’s science, folks. It’s our biology. It IS what God/nature intended for us to be provided with in order to function at our highest levels, in order to promote and maintain good health, in order for us to be our best selves! This isn’t “voodoo” talk. This isn’t I “think” they may be able to help our bodies. This gets down to the “nitty-gritty” of HOW these oils actually help us. But I can’t reinforce enough – the fact that – the oils must be pure (nothing added to them, as you see in many other essential oil companies out there) in order to truly provide these kinds of awesome and amazing benefits for our bodies and its systems.

Speaking of systems, check out my other blog about how these essential oils are designed to help each of our specific body systems.¬†Now, what’s all this talk about “systems?” Well…we’re talking about the different systems of the body that keep it in good working order, but unless you went to college for something in the medical field, you may not be very familiar with them. I sure wasn’t, but luckily that same lady, Wendy (in my up line, who I quoted above) and her husband are, and they do a very nice job of sharing all sorts of information and tips with anyone in their down line. I have taken all of that valuable information and am sharing it with you in Blog 12, so check it out!

Well, I hope that you are, at least, inclined to want to learn more about these essential oils? ¬†How does the information above not convince you of the benefit of using essential oils? Do the research, yourself, folks! It’s out there. Or even better…try the oils. Buy a starter kit…and give them a try. Chances are, you’ll be hooked like me.¬†Oh…and if¬†you do decide to give them a try, I will be here to answer any questions you may have. I, too, never stop researching, and I learn new things about these oils, on a daily basis. I can’t get enough of these spOILed secrets! ūüėȬ†

Just glance at some of the titles of these other books I found on Amazon about essential oils! The facts on essential oils are out there for you to discover and embrace!

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