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Blog 10 – Essential Oils…Now, More Than Ever!

It saddens me to hear about people who just cannot survive without their multiple, daily medications/drugs. Honestly, I feel bad that anyone should have to rely on prescriptions (or even over-the-counter medications) to just get by. It’s not really our fault (we, the people, that is) because we have been raised and conditioned to believe that if you suffer from some type of ailment/illness, the proper protocol is to go to the doctor and be prescribed something. Or, go to the local drugstore and purchase over-the-counter medicine in order to “treat” the symptoms (basically masking them, so we don’t suffer from them, too much)…instead of really “treating” the actual ailment/illness, itself.  Sure, there are people who do actually try to get to the root of why they’ve become ill, and then they try to do something about it – and I applaud them – but many of us have fallen into the trap of dependency!

Unfortunately for some people, taking daily medication is as normal as breathing. And who could blame them? These medications aim to “manage” the symptoms of the ailment, illness, condition, disorder, disease, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, these medications do provide much needed relief (especially for those who suffer from long-term and/or painful conditions), but unfortunately, these medications also come with many adverse side-effects/consequences!  This is not to say that all “modern medicine” is bad. Don’t get me wrong – it has its purposes and benefits.  And, if it weren’t for the wonderful doctors I have been treated by (over the last six months or so – with my surgeries/diagnoses), I don’t know where I’d be!  But that’s not to say that we, as a nation, should continue to be so reliant on prescription medication and drugs when there ARE other alternatives! Anyone can make changes, and they NEED to know that!

To make matters worse, people are often told, “Oh, it’s just hereditary” which can offer people an excuse or worse, encourage a “victim mentality,” which, in turn, leads them to just suffer through the ailment/illness and succumb to incorporating the medication, instead of figuring out what they can do to become well again. Of course there are certain genes passed down that could make a person “more susceptible” to developing a certain condition, but HOW we live our lives, the foods we eat (everything we put in and on our bodies, for that matter), how much exercise we get, how we feel mentally and emotionally – all these things matter!

People need to be given the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to become empowered with their health! Committing to making the necessary lifestyle changes that will change one’s health is not an easy task, but it IS possible…plain and simple! When people are truly ready for change, and are willing to put in the effort (and even research), they WILL see results. And…yeah, this may sound like a “business push,” but when you do the research (or read my blogs to learn some more about the physiological aspects of using essential oils), I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the easiest things a person can do to help promote wellness and maintain their good health is to incorporate essential oils into their lives. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard, lately, that talk about people who were finally able to get off multiple medications, or who have healed their ailments, or who have been able to replace everything in their medicine cabinet – through the use of essential oils. No joke! And, I’m sorry, but these are the stories that excite me…no propel me…to do what I’m not doing…and that is to spread the word!

Ughhh…on a more serious level, addiction to prescription drugs leads me to a topic that really upsets me.  Every time I turn around, I hear another story of a drug overdose. Opiate addiction, especially, has become an epidemic in our country. There’s a lot of controversy centered around this topic, but many believe that easily accessible or prescribed pain pills (that people end up abusing or becoming addicted to) are the root cause of the opiate epidemic. That “pain pill” addiction usually leads to the addiction of the cheaper version of the drug – heroin…and we all know where that leads! I no longer have the attitude that heroin addicts “choose” that kind of lifestyle, and that we shouldn’t feel sorry for them.  Not now that I’ve learned about how opiates can change a person’s brain. Google it, yourself, Or read this article, here. It’s scary!

According to a more general article written by Chris Elkins, titled Hooked on Pharmceuticals: Prescription Drug Abuse in America, he states that prescription drug abuse “kills more people than car accidents every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classified it as an epidemic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that it threatens the achievements of modern medicine. Prescription drug abuse is a global problem, and the U.S. is the world’s biggest addict.

In fact, the statistics presented in this article are so alarming, that we can’t, as a country, just sit back and do nothing! People need to know that, instead of always leaning toward “popping a pill” for a headache, or taking OTC and prescription drugs for everyday ailments, disorders, and diseases, there ARE more natural, risk-free alternatives…like essential oils!  If you’ve read my blogs (especially the ones that focus on the body and its various systems all working in synergy and how essential oils allow our bodies to do just that…or the blog that focuses on the various frequency levels of our bodies and how no other living, measurable thing on Earth compares to frequency levels of essential oils (yupp – you heard me…nothing), well, I can’t think of anything more safe, more HOLISTIC, and more beneficial to our bodies to treat symptoms, boost our immune (and other systems), and to promote and maintain overall wellness!

So who am I to try to change peoples’ minds about how to address a cold, or upset stomach – or worse – a serious condition, debilitating pain, or chronic disease? Well, I’m no expert, but I have learned some pretty amazing things about (properties of) essential oils that, when absorbed by our bodies, allow them to help our bodies return to our most natural, healthy states…so that WE can do what we were designed to do…and that is HEAL OURSELVES!  Although I do have some experience with medical conditions and chronic pain, I would try to compare my experiences with anyone else’s.  All I have to go on are my experiences, as they are all I know. But, because of what I now know about essential oils, and what they have done for me, medically, I can NOT share with people and urge them to, at least, give them a try. As cliche’ as it sounds, “There’s an OIL for that!”

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