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Blog 8 – Can Essential Oils Really Be “Organic?”

Wow! I never thought that the creation of this website/blog would lead me to learn as much as I have about the world of essential oils!  More importantly, it saddens me to realize that many people are uninformed (like I was just a short time ago) about what USDA Certified Organic really means (or doesn’t mean, for that matter) in regards to essential oil production. My own dear sister texted me that she was concerned about the fact that Young Living essential oils were not labeled as “organic,” which led me to researching more and learning that pure essential oils can actually be better than oils “labeled” as organic. Read here to see one of the blogs I read that led me to this conclusion. Young Living’s production process completely surpasses standards of other companies, and once you learn about it, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Rather than explain the “organic” part myself, I found this article from “the Essential family” to be extremely informative. Ya’ll come back here when you’re done reading it, so I can provide some more information for you about the way Young Living produces their oils! 😉

Now, that you understand what I understand about the aspect of “organic” in terms of essential oils, I think you’ll find that all the steps involved in Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” process goes above and beyond what any other oil company does, as far as quality control goes, and that they strive to provide ONLY the most pure (power-packed, as I call it) therapeutic-grade essential oils on EARTH!

Never thought I would be this passionate about something, but I’ve done enough research to know that essential oils are “truly essential to us” and that Young Living standards stand out above all the rest!