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Blog 9 – Wait…What? YL is a Multi-Level Marking (MLM) Company?

I’ll be honest, when I learned that Young Living was a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, I was a bit unsure that it was for me – simply because of the “reputation” of MLM companies.  I mean, you CAN just purchase products as a “retail customer” (without touching the business aspect of YL) and/or become a “member” to receive the 24% discount without any selling, but as I talked with Katrina (my sponsor), I figured out how the MLM component worked, and it all made perfect sense to me – financially speaking.  

We (as members/distributors) have the ability to not only receive a 24% discount on the best oils around, but we get to share these oils with friends and family if we want to.  If any of those friends or family are interested in purchasing something (through us), we earn a commission…and who doesn’t want to share something beneficial to one’s health with our friends and family, anyway? Although MLM companies sometimes get a bad rap, the MLM aspect of Young Living isn’t a bad idea, after all.  Here’s the plan below and here’s a PDF file, in case you need a better look!

Then, Katrina explained a money-saving option available to all YL members/distributors…signing up for Essential Rewards. This program allows you to earn points, enjoy discounted shipping, and be eligible for freebies and gifts! The points you accumulate, in essence, help pay for your own oils and oil products. I, at first, did not sign up for this, as I was a bit overwhelmed, but as I learned more about the savings involved, I hopped on the bandwagon.

Now, the only stipulation to Essential Rewards (which I, at first, was a little intimidated by) is that your minimum purchase (or personal volume – PV) must be at least $50.00 per month. And, how it works is, you set up what you’d like to order for the month (under your Essential Rewards order). In that order only, you will earn points (for specifics about percentages, click on the link above) and those points are equal to “cash value” for you to spend on any products you wish. The following month, you go in and change your order – and the date if you’d like – and it will automatically ship on that date listed for “auto ship.” Just a note: If you don’t change your order, it will automatically ship the products you have selected for your original Essential Rewards order. 

Here’s the deal. If you don’t feel comfortable signing up for ER (especially right at the beginning when all this is new), no problem. You can sign up at ANY time, later, and cancel at ANY time, too. If you never, ever sign up, not a problem. But if you’re thinking like I was (seems like I’m being locked into something that may force me to make purchases I don’t want/need)…think again!  Once I really learned about all the ways in which these oils and oil-infused products can help promote and maintain wellness in our bodies, $50 didn’t seem like a whole lot to me – in regard to my (and my family’s) overall well-being! It’s like an investment toward our health…there’s no other way to look at it, for me!