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Blog 4 – Essential Oils Usage and Safety

So, you finally decide to dive into this wonderful world of essential oils, and you receive your YL Premium Starter Kit in the mail. Now what? I have to admit, I blew up my sponsor’s Messenger account for the first couple of weeks (sorry, Katrina) because, of course, I wanted to use them safely and effectively.

I learned that there are different ways to use the oils:

*Topical (T) – either with or without a carrier oil (depending on the oil).

*Aromatic (A) – either smelling  them directly from the bottle or through a diffuser of some sort.

*Ingested (I) – if they’re labeled with “Vitality” on the bottle.

What’s nice is that Young Living has an app called “Reference Guide For Essential Oils,” which lists just about everything you could possibly want to know about these oils and their uses!  There are easy-to-use sections…two of which are the Single Oils and Oil Blends sectionsOnce you click on the name of an oil, it lists their botanical family, their extraction method, their chemical constituents, their properties, their common primary uses (as well as which methods – above – are used), body system(s) affected, aromatic influence, usage instructions, safety data, blend classification, odor, frequency…and really, so much more!  

There’s also a section called Application (which is great for learning all of the various modes of application for these oils/oil blends), and one called Guide that lists just about every ailment, illness, and/or disease one could possibly suffer from. Once you click on it, it lists suggested oils and usage instructions…and all items in EVERY one of the four sections are in a neatly, alphabetized ordered list!  Once you purchase it for $6.99 through Google Play, it can be uploaded on any and ALL of your mobile devices. Such a handy little guide, that I can’t seem to live without, already!!!

Also, I’ll have you know that Young Living’s oils/blends have instructions on their labels. I am providing an example of what’s on the Lavender bottle below. However, the Young Living website offers a description/usage information for each of their products (oils, oil blends, and oil-infused products) when you click on them.

Lastly, there is also a Young Living Essential Oil Safety Guide (on their website) you can refer to, which provides some useful information, too!

I hope this helps you, but again, I am here if you have any questions! Just use the “Contact Me” link in the menu (at the very top of homepage). 🙂