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Blog 2 – Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equally

Before I researched it and learned that the quality of essential oils really does matter (and that this “quality” can be measured/tested), I had purchased some less expensive ones from the health food stores I frequent…and also from Amazon. Not having had much experience with them, I didn’t “know the difference,” so I began using them. It wasn’t until I started searching online for different ways to use them, that I learned about true quality and how many of the companies that unknowing people purchase from online (or from health food stores), produce oils that contain additives and/or synthetic chemicals…Ughhh! Exactly what I have been trying to steer far away from.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. More like disgusted – at the thought that companies can get away with claiming to be 100% pure and natural, or even “organic” (as if that really could really matter with an essential oil – you’ll know why I say that if you see my post on that topic here -when, in fact, these other companys’ oils are far from pure…and couldn’t even come close to the quality of Young Living essential oils!  Unfortunately at this time, there is no FDA regulation on essential oils (although that will be soon be changing with the sudden widespread use of essential oils and guess what company the FDA is turning to measure their standards? Yup – Young Living), so currently, anyone or any company can label their essential oils as 100% pure and/or therapeutic, as long as it contains just a measly 5% of essential oil. I’m sure you can imagine what other additives, perfumes, and synthetic chemicals make up the other 95% of that “essential oil.” Double UGHHHH!

The more I read, the more I realized that NOT ALL OILS are created equally, and that what I had been using, before I researched, was NOT really pure or therapeutic-grade, for that matter. What made me feel confident, though, was that every search I conducted over that period of time (attempting to find top quality essential oils), led me to Young Living…time and time again!

But this is a blog post about those other “not so equal” oils, so let me get back to my point.  I cannot tell you how many articles (especially this one), blogs, and opinions I scoured before I truly understood that, how a company produces their oils (from start to finish), really makes a difference!  IMPORTANT: The article I linked above does an awesome job of explaining why cheaper essential oils are not only ineffective (when it comes to providing any therapeutic benefits), but also talks about how they can actually be BAD for your health and well being!  Anyone reading this who thinks, “Oh…an essential oil is an essential oil,” you NEED to read that post – or do some research of your own!  It’s what I wished I had read before buying all those essential oils at the health food store and online!

 As I said, after doing all that research, I made up my mind on Young Living Essential Oils. This wasn’t exactly the best news for me (as frugal as I’ve become) as their oils were “not the cheapest” – but, suffice to say, I now understand why. These oils are the “real deal”…and if you truly understood the process of what it takes to get you a 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil, you’d understand that you get what you pay for! And hey, this is my health we’re talking about here, so in the long run, a few extra bucks (if it means I’m getting the world’s best essential oils), will go a LONG, LONG way in helping me to be as healthy as I can be! 

I knew that if I expected to reap all of the many benefits of using them, I wasn’t going to use anything but Young Living, and I had based my decision on their quality standards, their years of experience in producing these oils, as well as their “Seed to Seal” promise and their actual distillation process…and, basically, what the company stands for, in general. They have so many charitable projects going on all over the world that have nothing to do with their business – they are simply “do-gooders” and the best way to learn about all that they are doing is to visit the Young Living Foundation site and check it out; truly inspiring! I also like that anyone can visit their many farms to check out how these oils are produced.

Young Living provides 100% truly pure and therapeutic essential oils and oil-infused products that provide an all-natural alternative way of living…and I like that I can spread the word (these secretes) to the people I know and care about, so that they can reap all the benefits!

One more thing you should know is: the ironic part of discovering the best oils on Earth, was that I didn’t know a Young Living distributor. Not a one! Usually, it’s the other way around, where a friend of a friend (or even a family member) shares a product and convinces you to buy it. No…this was different. I did the research, myself, and had found my own confidence and trust in this company. Luckily, I was able to find a Young Living distributor on facebook (yes, call me a stalker, but that’s how I found her), so I sent her a message. Katrina was awesome…so very helpful from the beginning, and even let me come visit her at her house (uh oh, stranger danger) to learn more about the oils and the process of being a wholesale member/distributor.  

And see…that leads me to another reason why I love Young Living essential oils (and why not all oil “companies” are created equally).  Katrina is my sponsor, and she’s connected to her sponsor, who’s connected to her sponsor, and so on and so forth. There is SOOOOO much support in this company…and a wealth of information about ideas for using YL oils/products online…just Google or Pinterest “Young Living”…it’s all over!  There are even ongoing/daily sharing of ideas for using the oils for you, your family/children, pets, household cleaning (they have an entire cleaning line called Thieves which cleans your house safely and effectively without the use of toxins, but more effective than bleach) provided on various “closed” Young Living facebook pages which any YL members can become a part of if they want to! I certainly recommend that, as it is where I get most of my ideas – from currents YL members/distributors – and I never feel stranded or alone in this new venture of mine. Everyone just wants to help everyone else get the best use out of YL products so sharing is focus!

Not to mention, YL also has an app available that covers just about everything you need to know about the oils and oil blends! It’s called Reference Guide for Essential Oils. All I’m saying is, you’ll have all that awesome information at your fingertips to figure out what you should use for whatever ailment you may be experiencing…you can learn more about that app here. You will never feel like your on your own. Young Living is a sharing community…period!