About Me 

To start: I am not – in any way, shape, or form – a business woman, so as cliche’ as this sounds, I’m not preaching about essential oils for the money…nor do I have any desire to change my profession!  I am, however, a “people person” who loves to inform others about things they can do and/or incorporate to lead healthier, happier lives…especially when it’s something so simple and completely natural!

I see so many people suffering – physically, mentally, emotionally…and spiritually (and man, some people have really just lost their faith, altogether), and it’s always been important to me to do whatever I can to help lift someone’s spirit/soul! It’s what matters to me; it’s who I am! 

Spreading the news about Young Living essential oils, and what they can actually do for one’s overall health and wellness, gives me great satisfaction. Moreover, being able to provide valuable information  about HOW the oils actually function in our bodies, allows me to reach people on a much higher – and more meaningful level. When you come across this kind of life-changing knowledge, it’s hard to ignore and keep it a secret!  I can just about promise you: If you take some time to read about these essential oils (I’ve created 12 informational blogs, right here on this site), there is no way you will not have, at least, learned something new and worthwhile!

  I also invite you to click on the three trees (scroll down a bit on my homepage to find them) to learn a little about why I’ve become so passionate about Young Living.  It comes down to this: Knowing that I may be able to help improve the lives of people is a wonderful feeling! So, I feel the overwhelming need/urge to share, share, and share some more!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue this journey of healthy, natural, and EMPOWERED living for myself, and I’d love for you to experience it, too!

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