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What Do You Know About Essential Oils?

Many people are unaware of the true history of essential oils and where they really come from, not to mention their multitude of uses for the body (physical), mind (mental), heart (emotional), and soul (spiritual)!  I know when I was first introduced to these oils, it was all so overwhelming! So, I decided to include what I learned through my research right here on this website, in the hopes that you will become “pleasantly versed” in the wonderful world of essential oils and reap ALL the benefits from them – like I do! You’ll now know why so many millions of people are passionate about all they can offer you and why info keeps popping up on your news feed about them! Click on the tree above or here and come learn with me! I promise you’ll walk away more oily – um, I mean – more knowledgeable! To learn even more about essential oils in general, click here to read some my blogs!

Why “Young Living” Essential Oils?

After months and months of research, and without a doubt in my mind, I knew I had found the company that (hands-down) sold the purest essential oils on Earth!  You can go to any health food store and even search online to find essential oils, but if you really take the time to compare (and I urge you to do a little research on your own), you will find that these companies pale in comparison to the quality and standards of Young Living! Click on the tree above (or here) to learn why Young Living’s production process cannot be matched! If you’re going to start this journey and reap all the benefits, you’ll want to purchase 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils; your health is your most important investment! To learn even more, click here to read my blogs!

How To Get Your Own Essential Oils

I hope you’ve taken the time to read through some of my informational blogs and are excited to experience the most amazing essential oils on Earth! I know you will agree that their everyday uses and never-ending benefits are simply invaluable! They REALLY do enrich the body, mind, heart, and soul – in the most pure and natural way! It’s all about being spOILed by what nature has to offer. It is what God intended for us to have in our arsenol and it is simply the best kept secret…only now it’s spOILed…just for you! Click on the tree above (or here) for step by step directions on how to get your own Young Living essential oils. If you need help, I’m here! Just click on the “Contact Me” link above!!!  To learn even more, click here to read my blogs!


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